Men t-shirts have been considered as staple clothing for centuries. As fashion trends kept on changing over the years, the versatility of t-shirt increased. In fact, one can see a drastic change in the designs of t-shirts for men. It has evolved into a type of clothing that can be paired with anything and everything.

T-shirts go well with track pants, joggers, shorts, pants, jeans, and even trousers. Gone are the days when one would wear t-shirts only for casual occasions. Now, t-shirts for men can be worn for all events while providing a medium to express one’s style.


We have covered the basics and thrown in a couple of tricks to style a t-shirt for men in the best way, so read on and take notes.


When it comes to a t-shirt for men, there are a few colours which are essential in any wardrobe. These are the most basic colours which will set the tone for your collection; they are white, black, navy blue and grey.

Apart from this, you can also add on dark shades of maroon, green, and brown to mix and match with your joggers or tracksuits.


T-shirts are available in various types of fittings. Loose t-shirts go well with joggers, track pants, and linen trousers. A snug fit is best for jeans and suits. Regular fit t-shirts aren’t meant to be tucked in and hence, a graphic or print t-shirt goes well with this fitting. T-shirts for men can be layered too during winters.


The three most common necklines are crew, scoop, V-neck but there are combinations and variations of these too. You are likely to notice that the crew neckline is the most versatile style and is worn widely.

You might have not given much thought regarding the necklines of your t-shirts but they change the whole look if you select the right one.

Different Types Of T-shirts For Men

Print T-shirts:

Print t-shirts have printed designs including quotes, images, and symbols on solid casual t-shirts that may look quite simple, but can make your outfits stand out.

Solids T-shirts:

Currently, Solid t-shirts for men are in rage. They are the most versatile, comfortable, and quirky.

1.Solid t-shirts come in different neck shapes, viz., round, crew and V neck.

2.Loose fit t-shirts has paired with joggers and sports shoes.

3. Snug fit t-shirts go best with slim pants and blazers.

Checkered T-shirt:

According to the design, it should wear casual or formal attire. The pea-green color enhances the check pattern which in turn makes the attire more stylish. Pair this t-shirt with jeans and ankle boots to complete the look.

Graphic T-shirt:

A perfect option for college and coffee dates, graphic t-shirts for men are available in different designs. Usually, a graphic t-shirt has either abstract designs, famous quotes, numbers, or brand names. Neck Graphic-Print T-Shirt goes well with jeans and casual shoes.

Polo T-shirts:

Polo t-shirts are becoming popular in the past few years. They are quite comfortable and their high-quality material makes them the most sought after t-shirts for men. They also have a wide range of colors for you to choose from!

Striped T-shirts:

Striped t-shirts are classic and minimalistic in design but look flawless if the fit is right.Stripe t-shirts for men such as Flying Machine’s blue stripe has a cool vibe attached to it. You can pair it with track pants or jeans.

Floral T-shirts:

Floral t-shirts were consider to be beachwear. But times have changed and men have started to prefer varied floral designs as casual wear.

In fact, many celebrities have worn floral suits and shirts time and again. You can style this floral t-shirt with a plain blazer and suit pants.

Casual T-shirts:

Every man should own at least one white t-shirt in their wardrobe. White t-shirts for men are simply amazing; you can pair them with shorts for a pool party. The same white t-shirt looks fabulous with pants and a blazer for informal meetings.

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